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Main functions

  • Alarm system and remote surveillance
    All-round protection against fire, water damage and theft. Get informed about all this even if you stay far from your home.
  • Shutter control
    The intelligent shutter control function provides you more than just comfort. The shutters are lowered when the alarm goes off, which adds to your security. The movement of the shutters keeps adjusting to the heating and cooling systems, which guarantees energy saving.
  • Front door surveillance on your mobile
    Wherever you are - far from your home or perhaps abroad – you can see the person who is standing at your front door, you can talk to him or even let him in your home.
  • Heating and cooling control
    Advanced energy-saving heating and cooling solutions guarantee that your home fits in with your daily routine.
  • Smart lighting
    Automated lighting control by the help of motion sensors. Time-based outdoor lighting control. Assort lighting moods to your taste.
  • Multimedia system, voice control
    Control your smart TV and lighting, switch your home to night mode by the help of a voice command.
  • Irrigation control
    Automated irrigation control which works in accordance with the weather conditions.


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